Secret of Kells

Secret of Kells

After the credits rolled, I did a bit of reflection. The movie itself was visually gorgeous, though the story’s beginning could have been done better. It was based off the style used in the real life Book of Kells and its kindred manuscripts. Illuminated manuscripts in general, really. How the hell monks had the patience for this kind of stuff beats me. Well…okay they did have almost all their life to pull these off. Taking that into consideration these final texts become exceedingly precious.

Anyway, I decided to do some work in appreciation of the movie’s visuals. My style is more on the semi-realistic side, compared to the abstractization of SoK. I tried combining the two into something that I consider a tad ways odd, but interesting.

Media: Coloured pencils and sakura white ink on acrylics, illustration board 15×20
Time: 5 days

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