Seadragon Corsair – Fanexpo 2013


August 22nd to the 25th is Fanexpo in Toronto, Canada.

And the Seadragon Corsair is set to sail for the first time! On the deck of this dastardly pirate vessel is the Errant Rifleman and myself, the dragon brigand of the seas.

Awww yeah!

And for the reference, we’re the dark blue table with the seashells and roses. 😉 Unless someone else got the great idea to do the same decoration, in which case we have a banner, hahah.

 So if you’re in town // in the Metro Convention Centre, feel free to come by and say hi!

 Man, I have an urge to make up a story about how a one-eyed human captain and an eight legged dragon teamed up to ravage and plunder the world. Anyone want to throw some ideas on the table? I wouldn’t mind illustrating both our characters later, once the expo and commissions are done. 😉

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