Belated Fanexpo Recap, and other news.

(Sorry for the late journal! Internet was cut. I’m getting it back soon but it’s been annoying to go without it and be unable to post many things.)

Fanexpo is over and I had a wonderful time! It was exhausting, I’ll candidly liken it to being thrown into a cement mixer, but the experience of exhibiting was exhilarating. (Wow, so many ‘e’s) For one, I was able to display my work and network with other artists. I wasn’t able to get through much of the artist alley because it was astonishingly huge, but I enjoyed talking with the folks on our half of the area. Also the friends and watchers that came to our table, it was great seeing everyone! To my new watchers, welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed my work and want to keep tabs on it. I might be slowing down in the coming few weeks but the end of August will see me finishing commissions before the school year begins. I’ll still draw (on the commute and during lectures, wink wink nudge nudge) so it won’t be a half-year hiatus. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

On a final note: the Seadragon Corsair will set sail again! To xFreischutz and I, Fanex’s Artist Alley was a trial run (I know, weird) for our table theme and arrangement. From it, we learned what to improve upon the next time we table at a convention. We thought about attending Unplugged but it might be a tad late for that, so the next conventions will probably The Last Con-G if we make it through the jury, Costume-Con if exams don’t interrupt, and ConBravo in the distant future, plus any other conventions and expos around town.

And of course, Fanexpo 2014.

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