The Skull of Helcaraxe

Skull of Helcaraxe - WIP

I don’t just draw. 😛

I adore cosplay. It’s a way to get extremely creative with materials so you look as close to the character you want to portray as possible. It’s a way to act like your character, to the point that people turn heads. It’s a way to have fun!

This is a work in progress of my upcoming costume of Helcaraxe the Lichwyrm Queen. She’s an original character who is a mage, a necromancer, and almost undead (to be technical, Unliving). This skull is a helmet for me, it fits my head perfectly. It’s made up of willow switches for the frame, craft foam for the ‘flesh’ and plenty of hot glue to texturize the project. And paint of course. She’s very sturdy, relatively lightweight, and fun to wear because people freak out.

She actually didn’t take long to do. It’s the horns that I spent the most time on because they got complex with the scalework.

What do you guys think?

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