Valduinash – The Fang of Valduin

Valduinash - The Fang of Valduin

Valduin – noun, name
“ashk” – tooth, fang

I made my sword two months ago, but we finally found the camera battery so here you go, my first foray into woodworking. I’m pretty strong on the bandsaw and belt sander, but power drills confound me. Thank you wood glue.

I digress.

I’ve wanted to make my own dragon sword for a long time, and while I did have a general design, this ended up becoming a “I’ll just wing it” prop. And you know what? I’m very satisfied.

Composition: 70 cm of MDF (about one meter total length), three dowels, laser cut components, apoxie sculpt, cotton thread, craft foam/willow withe base, finished and sealed with acrylics, styrofoam sealer and varnish.

I hope you guys like it!

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