Q: Could you make _______ for me?

A: I might be able to! Contact me with what you have in mind and I’ll provide a quote.

Q: What kind of payments do you accept?

A: I accept E-Transfer INTERAC payments for Canadian clients, and paypal. I do not accept snail mail paycheques, cheques, and the like. I MAY be able to accept skill exchanges! Skill exchange is when two artists trade their skills, for example, a metalworker may request a foam gauntlet from me, and in exchange I will request armour of equivalent value. I do not always do this, however. And I absolutely do not accept bitcoin, deviantart points, or exposure as payment! Can’t buy new equipment with those now can I? 🙂

Q: Do you ship to _____ country? Do you do combined shipping, and are expedited shipping options available?

A: I do indeed ship worldwide with Canada Post. With props combined shipping is not possible but for multiple original art pieces and prints I can indeed combine shipping. Faster shipping, as well as tracking numbers, are definitely possible for all parcels. Please contact me to discuss your options, as additional charges will apply.

Q: I really like the drawing of _______ you did! Is the original or prints of it available for purchase?

A: Possibly! My etsy store has all the prints and originals I have for sale at the moment. If it doesn’t have what you’re looking for, it does not hurt to contact me and ask about it.

Q: Do you do FREE ART?

A: No. Sorry?

Q: Why is your work expensive?

A1: Art costs vary depending on detail, materials, and time. Keep in mind that I work with traditional media, which creates a completely one of a kind art piece that nobody else will be able to get. This means that material costs will be involved as well. My time and effort are priced, and all prices are estimates based on how much time it will take for a work to be completed. Ultimately I do strive to keep my work affordable for what you get without gouging either myself or the client in the process.

A2: Props take a lot of materials and effort to produce, and because each work is also one of a kind, that influences the cost. Tools, materials, and safety equipment all factor into this as well. I do try and keep my prices reasonable for the effort that goes into each, but I am not doing this to break even, I’m doing this to pay bills.

Q: Can you produce multiple versions of ______   prop so they look exactly the same?

A: Unfortunately, not at the moment. All the work I do is one of a kind, custom built and hand painted, so there will be variances in appearance.

Q: I have an original idea in mind, could you make it for me?

A: I would definitely be interested; conceptualization is something I enjoy as well as fabrication. For props, it does not have to be already drawn up; it can be a written description. A part of the creation process is designing the piece visually, so we can work together to draw up a sketch or even orthographics of how you would like your piece to be done, this service does come with an additional fee however. Please contact me for details. For artwork, I’ve been given written descriptions before and worked with that, so I do have experience in the matter. You will be a part of the design process every step of the way.

Q: In what case would you be unable to create something for me?

A1: For artwork it’s straightforward: If it is a subject I am uncomfortable with, either it’s suggestive or NSFW material, or it goes against my ethics, morals, or creed; I will decline the commission. On the other hand, I am comfortable with artistic nudity, so contact me if you have an idea but would like to know if it is something I can do. Please see my terms of service for more details on this.

A2: For props, it would be restricted to available resources. My current manufacturing space is small; I would not be able to produce extremely large pieces of work given the circumstances. Projects that require specialized tools (CNC machinery, kilns, for example), or projects that require dangerous chemicals and controlled conditions will also be declined, unfortunately.

Q: Will you teach me how to do _______ / may I ask you questions about your process / I want to do ______, can you give me suggestions on how to approach it?

A: No. Normally I would be happy to provide instruction and counsel, but my available time is minimal, and as you can imagine, questions like these would take up a lot of my time to answer thoroughly. For props it’s even more difficult because I am a hands-on person, I’d need an item in front of me to be able to gauge how to work with it.

Q: Are you hiring / are you willing to take on an apprentice?

A: Not at the moment, I lack the space for additional hands, and right now my work is semi-professional so I would not be able to sustain employees. This might change in the future though! As for apprentices, I am against unpaid internships, so on top of the reasoning above, I would not be willing to take on an apprentice without payment for their efforts.

Q: How did you learn to do what you do?

A1: I’ve been drawing since I was very young; I did however attend schools with art programs prior to university. They definitely trained my hand and gave me experience, but for the most part I taught myself to draw what I draw, and how I draw it. I am constantly inspired by books, music, movies, and nature, so I can safely say those were my teachers as well, in their own ways. Constant improvement is the name of the game too, every new work teaches its lessons.

A2: I started out with cosplay (Fanexpo 2011!), but became emboldened to get better with every piece I did, indeed, most of what I do is self-taught, with experimentation, trial and error, and advice from fellow craftsmen to guide my work. I did not have a formal education when it comes to propmaking, but I am currently in Architecture school, which has broadened my understanding of tectonics, materiality, conceptualization, construction, and documentation (and more). It has given me a vast digital toolset as well; I use Autocad, Revit, Rhinoceros 3D, Vray, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign for projects if necessary. I also have experience with laser cutters, 3D printers, and a variety of workshop equipment.

Q: Will your latex boffers be able to pass safety check at my LARP?

A: There are no guarantees that a weapon will pass safety at an event until it is held in the hands of an in-game weapon marshal. However, if you provide me with the weapon specifications for your LARP, I will do by very best to build a weapon within those parameters, to maximize the chances of a pass. Here is a list of LARPs that my weapons have passed in:

  • Elegy LARP, Southern Ontario, Canada
  • Underworld LARP, Ralinwood Chapter, Southern Ontario, Canada
  • Dystopia Rising North, Southern Ontario, Canada

Q: What kind of LARP are your weapons suitable for?

A: At the moment, lightest touch games are the only ones my weapons are suitable for, they have not been tested in full contact systems.

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