Untrust Me

Both props are made and worn by me.
Bird Skull – Craft foam, hot glue and willow withe base, with an apoxie sculpt finish. An engineer at the event added a metal nose ring and earring to it – fun to play with!

Bone Talon Gauntlet – Craft foam, hot glue, with an apoxie sculpt finish and EL wire “tattoos” – completely articulate.

She is one mutant shaman you really should not be messing with.

Saith Sealgaire is a part of of Elegy, a Doompunk (Post-apocalyptic) Larp located in Southern Ontario!

Finishes done in Photoshop CS3.

The Left Hand of the Apocalypse

The Left Hand of the Apocalypse

“With this hand you will destroy, and with this hand I will rebuild the world in my own image, my pawn. My perfect slave. I can sense your fury, little Renegade. I can taste your despair. Bury that stubborn hope that wells in your heart, for it does nothing to slow down the threads of your fate. You will be the vessel of the apocalypse. And while the world will curse your name as its bringer, they will turn to me as their king…”

– Zhaldune Demon

Left Hand of the Apocalypse – Charcoal, brass, fire.
(Made of craft and EVA foam and glue..plus fun glowy bits.)
An experiment in styrene, a success. The styrene strengthens it considerably!