Tassadar In Progress

Tassadar CosplayMy Tassadar costume is going pretty smoothly! Going to finish latexing the head, add the LEDs and eyes (which are ready, I just need to solder the arrangement and prepare the nerve cord armour) and then move on to the neck. Latex is a lot of fun, it actually feels…kind of like alien skin, actually.

Untrust Me

Both props are made and worn by me.
Bird Skull – Craft foam, hot glue and willow withe base, with an apoxie sculpt finish. An engineer at the event added a metal nose ring and earring to it – fun to play with!

Bone Talon Gauntlet – Craft foam, hot glue, with an apoxie sculpt finish and EL wire “tattoos” – completely articulate.

She is one mutant shaman you really should not be messing with.

Saith Sealgaire is a part of of Elegy, a Doompunk (Post-apocalyptic) Larp located in Southern Ontario!

Finishes done in Photoshop CS3.

Saith Sealgaire – Elegy LARP

At ConBravo I got this real nice photo taken of me in my LARP outfit by GCE.

The skull and axe I made myself.
Though, the skull is getting a big overhaul as we speak, more photos of that to come!

The LARP in question isĀ Elegy, a Doompunk (Post Apocalyptic Larp) located in Southern Ontario, just north of Orangeville.

I encourage you to take a look even if you aren’t from the area. It’s an interesting sci-fi setting to read about.

Baron von Ignatius

Baron von Ignatius

For Anime North, this was my costume! Baron von Ignatius, also known as the gentleman of death. He is an original design of mine. Click on the picture, and you’ll be able to read his tale of woe…

Skull made of craft foam and hot glue. Staff is done the same way.
Photo credits go to Convoke Photography!