Fury of the Dragonstorm

My first full drawing in 5 months.

It’s…surreal. I’m happy!

The character you see here is Valduin, or the Spiderdragon, my own creation. She’s basically me. Especially when the fire is brought out. And now she’s furious.

11×8.5 paper, Polychromos coloured pencils
Time: I have no idea.

(c) Spiderdragons belong to Dragonstorm Studios

Thanks for looking, guys. c:

Baron von Ignatius

Baron von Ignatius

For Anime North, this was my costume! Baron von Ignatius, also known as the gentleman of death. He is an original design of mine. Click on the picture, and you’ll be able to read his tale of woe…

Skull made of craft foam and hot glue. Staff is done the same way.
Photo credits go to Convoke Photography!

Valduinash – The Fang of Valduin

Valduinash - The Fang of Valduin

Valduin – noun, name
“ashk” – tooth, fang

I made my sword two months ago, but we finally found the camera battery so here you go, my first foray into woodworking. I’m pretty strong on the bandsaw and belt sander, but power drills confound me. Thank you wood glue.

I digress.

I’ve wanted to make my own dragon sword for a long time, and while I did have a general design, this ended up becoming a “I’ll just wing it” prop. And you know what? I’m very satisfied.

Composition: 70 cm of MDF (about one meter total length), three dowels, laser cut components, apoxie sculpt, cotton thread, craft foam/willow withe base, finished and sealed with acrylics, styrofoam sealer and varnish.

I hope you guys like it!

Xenorett – The Ascendant Warrior (Commission)

Xenorett - The Ascendant Warrior (Commission)

Commission for a user on Furaffinity!

What happens when you put a tiger, a dragon, a xenomorph and a warrior samurai together? Well, this was my take on the idea.

Only magical things, my friends.

Coloured Pencil and Ink on 8.5 x 11 paper

Val is on Storenvy!


Right now there’s just one thing, I want to take some more photos of my originals before putting them up for sale, but yeah!

Along with original work I’ll be selling prints and art packages, and some time in the near future (when my prop-work becomes stabilized) I’ll start selling miscellaneous props as well.

You can find the link to my store on the top menu, it’s the rightmost tab. c:




Something I did during a lecture and a subway ride!

(You’ll draw anywhere, man. It’s an addiction)

Ink and pencil on handmade Nepalese paper.

I’ll probably be taking commissions for these style drawings since I have quite a bit of this paper on me, and they’re fun and relaxing to do. More details later!