Tassadar In Progress

Tassadar CosplayMy Tassadar costume is going pretty smoothly! Going to finish latexing the head, add the LEDs and eyes (which are ready, I just need to solder the arrangement and prepare the nerve cord armour) and then move on to the neck. Latex is a lot of fun, it actually feels…kind of like alien skin, actually.

Untrust Me

Both props are made and worn by me.
Bird Skull – Craft foam, hot glue and willow withe base, with an apoxie sculpt finish. An engineer at the event added a metal nose ring and earring to it – fun to play with!

Bone Talon Gauntlet – Craft foam, hot glue, with an apoxie sculpt finish and EL wire “tattoos” – completely articulate.

She is one mutant shaman you really should not be messing with.

Saith Sealgaire is a part of of Elegy, a Doompunk (Post-apocalyptic) Larp located in Southern Ontario!

Finishes done in Photoshop CS3.

Jack of Blades

Jack of Blades

For the past week and a half I’ve been working non-stop on this commission, whose deadline was for Anime North. This was a collaborative commission: a friend of mine did the cape, another person made the sword, and I was in charge of the armour and mask.

This here is the Jack of Blades, from Fable.
Armour was made out of styrene, EVA foam and hot glue.

The mask was made from apoxie sculpt.

Credits go to Burditt Photography!

Valduinash – The Fang of Valduin

Valduinash - The Fang of Valduin

Valduin – noun, name
“ashk” – tooth, fang

I made my sword two months ago, but we finally found the camera battery so here you go, my first foray into woodworking. I’m pretty strong on the bandsaw and belt sander, but power drills confound me. Thank you wood glue.

I digress.

I’ve wanted to make my own dragon sword for a long time, and while I did have a general design, this ended up becoming a “I’ll just wing it” prop. And you know what? I’m very satisfied.

Composition: 70 cm of MDF (about one meter total length), three dowels, laser cut components, apoxie sculpt, cotton thread, craft foam/willow withe base, finished and sealed with acrylics, styrofoam sealer and varnish.

I hope you guys like it!

Skull Cane

Skull Cane

Hey folks! I’m still around, just finishing up university. Hope everybody’s been well.

Now, what better way to celebrate that than making a new prop? This here is my Skull Cane, for the lack of a better name at the moment. He’s about 3 feet tall, a pleasant fellow, made out of a foam piece I found in my closet, some dowels, willow withes and hot glue. I also used other things (the chain I made by hand!) but he’s the end result.

Anybody got any names for him? 🙂