Rising Sun – Okami

Rising Sun - Okami

Amaterasu – Okami
Acrylics and coloured pencil on a circular piece of wood that was left over from some laser cutting that I did for a school project

“Even in the night’s embrace
Of laughing stars and arching clouds
The ink will yield to lilac silk
And tongues of flame will smile

The sun’s white wolf will show her face
And break the bonds of sleeping shrouds
Her fur as white as cream on milk
Her great eye bright with coming

They are the Prey and we are the Hunters!

They are the Prey and we are the Hunters!

We’re as free as starving wolves!
Inspired by the /lyrics/ of Guren no Yumiya.
Pencil, ink, and two lectures.
11×8.5 paper.

The only reason its greyscale is because I forgot to bring my coloured pencils to school today.
Thanks for viewing!